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Automation Cookbook for Pabbly Connect [Notion Template] Launch!

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I wanted a system to keep Pabbly Connect workflows organized and easily accessible. I wanted the benefit of structuring Standard Operating Procedures that would allow me to reference the workflows that I set up for life and business.

Welcome the Automation Cookbook for Pabbly Connect!  This guide combines the best of both worlds, a one-stop system that will help you organize the details of your workflows, add notes and reminders. You will also be able to lay out your processes and link them to specific workflows.

Today you will receive:

  • A dozen workflows ready to be imported into Pabbly Connect 

  • 12 detailed step-by-step video walk-throughs of each automation

  • A system for managing workflows

  • A system for organizing and maintaining Standard Operating Procedure

  • An ever-growing collection of tools that can enrich your automations

  • and more to come!

Join me on this journey of learning and diving deeper into the power of automation using Pabbly Connect.

The current stage of the product contains the following workflows:

001: Follow up a Meeting with an Email

002: Offer a Call to Lead

003: Send a Task from Email to Notion

004: Set Up A Periodic Reminder to Your Email

005: Email Verification Buffer

006: Daily FB Post from a Google Sheet Source

007: Follow up a Sale with an Email

008: Turn a New Calendar Event into a Task in Notion

009: Hands Off Lead Follow Up

010: Unsplash Daily Post to FB Group

011: Tell Google Assistant to Add a Task to Notion Tasks DB

012: Content Research


Who is this product for? It will be incredibly helpful for anyone who is just starting out using Pabbly Connect. Veteran users of Pabbly Connect may find it great as an example of how one can manage the every-growing collection of workflows.  I really think it's an indispensable tool! 

Would this product be helpful to me if I use Zapier or Integromat? All of the workflows that I include in the guide are based on Pabbly Connect, so you won't have the benefit of importing the workflow.  You might still enjoy the guide as a way to help you organize your workflows and SOPs. 

What do I need to use this guide? - Pabbly Connect account and a Notion account 

Can I share this with my team? - Automation Cookbook for Pabbly Connect is created for personal use only.  Please reach out to me for team licenses. 

How long will I have access? Lifetime

Questions? Drop your question at  (is there an automation behind the question form? you bet!) 

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Notion dashboard that you can duplicate to your workspace. You don't have to use Notion - instead, bookmark the link and use as your guide.

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Automation Cookbook for Pabbly Connect [Notion Template] Launch!

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